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Reasons Why Stretch Tents are Growing in Popularity



The stretch tent market has experienced tremendous growth in the last few years as event organizers, marquee hiring companies, the movie industry, restaurants/bars, homeowners, and corporations start to see the huge benefits, powerful functionality, ease of use and good looks that these stretch fabric structures have. These free-form style of tents were first used in South Africa in the late 1990s, and since then, there are common in most of the social events held in Australia and South Africa.


One of the principal factors contributing to this growth is the ability of marquees/stretch tents to change and reinvent a space. This is a significant break from the traditional rigid marquees which have a tendency of being intrusive or block like. Church tents for sale have a natural look and sometimes sexy when compared to the old marquee styles. This has opened up a wide variety of uses and advantages that were not common ten years ago.


One of the main advantages that small companies and businesses have picked up on is capital expenditure particularly for the tent/marquee hiring and event companies who are seeing that they get their returns on initial investment quicker than the traditional marquees which run at higher costs. This then results in the tents turning a profit far earlier than the traditional marquees.


Stretch tents are also generating revenue from areas which were not previously available. The fact that they can be put up anywhere is offering the hiring businesses a quick return on their investment which is quite beneficial to them. Adaptability has been a major selling point. The final use of the product is considered early in the manufacturing and design stage allowing for the erection of the church tents in areas that were inaccessible previously. They can now be used on boats/yachts and balconies of clubs and restaurants. They provide shade solutions to playgrounds and home premises as there are no other tents that come close.


Regardless of what their final use is, the organic looks and styling of stretch tents make them improve any environment, adding a sense of occasion and an extra dimension.


The ease of use is another benefit of using these tents. A medium sized tent may easily be erected by a team of four in less than two hours. Smaller tents may be erected in an hour or so by two or so people. This helps in lowering the labor, event and storage costs. Together with the ease of use, these tents provide great branding and marketing.